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Persistent Storage for Docker

Deploy your stateful and/or legacy applications as easily as your modern stateless ones thanks to Infinit's elastic storage platform.

Persistent Storage for Docker with Infinit

In this scenario, a node fails, triggering the relocation of the container it hosted. Once restarted on another host, the application finds its data back, exactly in the state prior to the failure.

Integrated in Docker's Ecosystem

Infinit Docker Volume Plugin

Docker Volume Plugin

Infinit's Docker volume plugin makes it possible to access a persistent Infinit volume from inside a Docker container.

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Infinit Docker Swarm Service

Docker Swarm Service

Deploy Infinit over a set of hosts within a Docker swarm to act as the persistent storage fabric for your containerized applications.

Infinit Docker Engine Plugin

Docker Engine Plugin

Easily instantiate Infinit's Docker Engine Plugin to be able to access a deployed Infinit storage platform.


Scalable Storage for Docker Trusted Registry

Learn how Infinit can be used to deploy an object storage logic to store Docker images through a Docker Trusted Registry (DTR).


File System for InfraKit's Configuration Files

InfraKit uses Infinit's POSIX-compliant file system to reliably store and share configuration files between its hosts.


Different Deployments for Different People

Hyper-convergent architecture Docker

Hyper-convergent architecture

Best for Developers

Storage, network and compute resources all scale together within the application cluster (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes etc.) providing simplicity over control.

Hyper-convergent architecture Docker

Hyper-scalable architecture

Best for Operators

Gives the operators complete control over how and when to scale the storage component. As such, every resource (storage, network, compute) can be scaled independently.

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