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Simple and secure file synchronization for professionals

Infinit Desktop benefits from the simplicity of a consumer product, the security and scalability of enterprise-class technologies in addition to allowing one to choose where files are physically stored.

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Data Location Control

Control the location of your data

When creating a drive, you can choose where your files will actually be stored in your country or even on a specific hosting provider.

Note that unlike Dropbox, Infinit Desktop does not use your local storage capacity unless you want it to.

Store and access your files

Once your drive opened, you can store, access and even stream files as if they were stored on your local hard disk.

Virtual Disk

Unlike Google Drive with which it is difficult to understand who sees what file/folder, Infinit maintains a single and coherent hierarchical view of the files for everyone.

Google Drive Slack

Increase your productivity soon

Infinit Drive supports a variety of cloud services that can be integrated for you to work the way you want, be it Slack to get notified in real-time whenever someone updates one of your document or many of others.

Download for linux

Available for Available for Mac and Linux